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Career Opportunities

Please Come and join the  ETDS Team.

Position: Licensed Aesthetician


Provide treatment to skin and underlying tissue of the face in regards to such specific issues as dehydration, premature aging, sun damage, medication side-effects, blemishes and cleaning purposes.

Waxing of the body (bikini line, arms, legs, face, thighs, back.


* A Diploma for 500+ hours from an accredited school

* 2yrs + Experience in a Salon/Spa

* Perfered Aesthetician with License but not required


 Position: Manicurist/Pedicurist 


Clean/soak clients hands, shape finger nails, and toe nails, give massage, apply tips, sculpt nail, gel nail, silk wraps, overlays, cut and moisturize cuticles, polish, and design nails.


* High School Graduate or Equivalent

* 2yrs Experience in a salon/spa

* Licensed Manicurist/Pedicurist


Position: Licensed Massage Therapist & Licensed Instructor

Treating of painful ailments, overworked muscles, stress, sports injuries, and other related physical issues.

MT must be proficient in Aromatherapy, Swedish massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, and Myofacial techniques. Business and Ethical practices and have the skills necessary to follow-up, set-treatment goals and reschedule clients as well as obtain proper medical information and keep accurate files. A desire for continuing education preferred


* High School Graduate or Equivalent

* Licensed Massage Therapist

* 2+ yrs Experience in Spa preferable    
Established Make-up Artist
Applying make -up and eyes lashes to enhance the natural beauty of women.  One who is able to do an array of differnt looks from dramtic, to a nite on the town.
* High School Graduate or Equivalent
* 2 -3 + yrs Experience in spa preferable
Hair Stylist:
 * Have to a licensed Cosmotologist
* Has to have 2yrs or more experience
* To be able to do diverse hair
*has to be prevalent in color, long and short hair