Spa Treatments

Please note that at this time We Come  to you as long as your within a 50 mile radius. Our facility is not operational at this time.
Swedish Massge  60 min.
          Is a treatment used to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension, improves flexibility and create  relaxation.
Eastern Massage 60 min
                                   Practice of eastern techniques. Acupressure, work the muscles, skin, and underlining tissue. Awakens the bodies joints and muscles. An incorporation of sports massage. It uses stretching, gentle pressure increase flexibility, and balancing the bodies energy system.

Lymphatic/Detoxing Massage:  60 min

Good for cancer patients in remission, persons who stop taking meds that have been taking for over 2yrs.or more. Anyone wanting to cleans the body of toxins which, includes green tea, and two bottle waters.

Hot Stones Massage:60 min

 Helps muscles to release more quickly than in traditional massage.

Chair Massage: 5 min -20min

Leaves the body feeling refreshed, releives the body of minimal tension. This treatment is great for Employment/Business Parties as well as employee  moral boosters.

Ear Candling:(Seasonal Treatment) Offered from Nov. thru Feb. 30 min

Good for ear and sinus infections, clears the ear of built up wax. Drains the nasal cavity of sinus pressure 

Reflexology 30 min

 deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body.

UBA Massage: 45 min

A upper body treatment which targets the arms, back, neck, and shoulders. This massage is good for reducing tension.

Aromatherapy Massage: 60 min

This massage combines specialized techniques with the  therapeutic effects of pure essential oils. This treatment promotes the elimination of toxins, strengthen the immune system, and helps to establish a healthy equilibrium of mind,body, and spirit.

Body Wrap:

 This treatment is facial for your whole body. It exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling wonderlessly soft, while reducing water weight and detoxifies the body.

Cellulite Wrap:

 Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite while hydrating the skin.

Body Polish      60 min.

A facial for the body that exfoliates and hydrates the skin,rids the body of  dead cell , living the sking smooth and soft

Brides Day Packages $75-150

Up do or Hairstyling,make-up application, & Eye Lash, **Bridal Party Packages available upon request**



Mommy & Baby Massages

Prenatal Massage: 60min

 Wonderful way to ease tired and sore muscles. A way to pamper  mom and make her feel special.

 Postpartum Massage: 60 min

Great for women who have given birth in the past few months,or women in need of hormone re-balancing and mood uplifting

Baby Massage:

 A wonderful way for parents and baby to bond. Helps to build a  stronger immune system. As well as make your baby more relax and at ease.

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